Starlight Coven & Grove

Tradition: Blue Star Wicca

Location: North Andover, Massachusetts

Key Contact: Tigira



Starlight is an established Blue Star coven and grove in Melrose, Massachusetts. We are a traditionalist, hierarchical BTW (British Traditional Wicca) group that also works with deities from a number of other pantheons (British Isles, Greek, Roman, Norse, etc.).


Starlight Coven & Grove strives to embrace beauty, strength, power, compassion, honor, humility, mirth, and reverence in what we do.  Nor do we seek to do magic(k), but to live magically.


Although we value historical texts and the teachings of those who came before us, we also respect the unique spiritual paths and insights of our members. The focus of our group is strongly influenced by our members’ interests and our personal experiences with deity. Although our practice reflects the duality of our God and Goddess, we understand that gender is not strictly binary, and we don’t require our members to conform to traditional gender roles.


We are a passionate, creative, socially progressive group of career-focused professionals with varied interests, but we don’t require that new students fit that mold.


We are open to new students, and available for other non-initiatory rites of passage (handfastings, weddings, marking of transitions into adulthood, cronings, baby blessings, etc).

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