Help! It's my first time attending an open ritual!

Being new to anything can be intimidating, with that in mind we offer you this handy-dandy guide to understanding your first public Pagan ritual. Keep in mind that each group hosting public rituals will do things a little differently; if possible try different groups to see who feels best to you. Even if you are prone to social anxiety, you should feel welcome at any ritual you attend, and if you feel intensely uncomfortable with aspects of the ritual, honor that, maybe the group isn't for you.

1) Ritual is a sacred time to attune with the divine & your fellow worshippers. If you are new to this spiritual path, your first ritual may feel more awkward than sacred, but that's okay. Being respectful of your fellow ritual goer is all that is required of you; being in a respectful, welcoming space might be a religious experience in itself.

2) Public ritual is both a spiritual experience and social experience; to help facilitate a friendly environment we always begin our rituals with group introductions, including a round of names for all. This is a time for you to introduce yourself, get aquainted with who else has gathered and probably make a friend or two.

3) Ritual is about a sacred and safe space, we always attempt to make every effort to clarify the purpose of the ritual, what to expect during the ritual and always emphasize that there is NO WRONG WAY to participate. All are welcome to participate in what ever way feels most comfortable as long as it's respectful of others.

4) We are an open and affirming fellowship; all are welcome. We gather in honor of diversity and embrace it fully. All gender identities, racial identities, ethnicities, sexual orientations, abilities, sizes and traditions are welcome.

5) Ritual is fun! Community is fun! We gather for worship, we gather for magic, but we do not gather to take ourselves too seriously! The Gods have a sense of humor, why shouldn't we?

6) Please ask about our Anti-Harassment Policy for further clarification about expected behavior and our culture of mediation.

We hope this guide helped to take the intimidation out of attending a public ritual, please feel free to contact us directly if you still have questions.

Brightest Blessings,

The Cornucopia Collective

We hope this guide to attending your first Cornucopia Collective open ritual was valuable, we hope to see you soon at an up coming event!

Warmest Blessings!

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