Queensberry Coven

Location: Boston (Fenway), Massachusetts

Tradition: Alexandrian

Key Contact: Karagan Griffith

Website: alexandrianwicca.net/queensberrycoven

The Queensberry Coven is a traditional Alexandrian Witchcraft Coven in the city of Boston (Fenway) .

The Coven facilitates Traditional Alexandrian Initiation and training as it was done and given in the original Alexandrian Covens (The London Coven and the Temple of the Mother) .


As a training Coven, the Queensberry Coven meets for all the Sabbats and Esbats, as well as Training Circles and Working Circles.


In this work, the members connect with the tides of the Universe and observe the Inner Mysteries of Witchcraft in a Traditional Alexandrian Coven. 


We also focus, develop and teach on Hermetic pathworking, Qabalah and the Pauline Art of Angelic Magic.

Who we are looking for: The Coven is now accepting new candidates to be considered for initiation into the mysteries and subsequent training. Please contact Queensberry Coven directly for details and clarification about the application process.


The Queensberry Coven also hosts an Alexandrian Evening in Boston once in a while to meet with those who are interested in the Alexandrian Tradition and to answer any questions that candidates might have. Please refer to the event page for dates and the RSVP process.

Contact Queensberry Coven

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