Phoenix Song

Tradition: Initiatory Witchcraft

Location: Arlington, Massachusetts

Key Contact: Jenett


Phoenix Song was established as a small working coven in Minneapolis in 2008. Following various life events (and a move to Maine and then to Massachusetts), I'm now looking to consider students and/or building a group in the tradition again. 

I'm also very open to talking to people interested in general introductory classes or material, and specific topics such as developing a personal practice, learning basic skills, learning more about ritual design and theory. 

We come from a small structured Wiccan-based and influenced tradition local to the Twin Cities, Minnesota. (See our website for some more details about this.) 

We focus on: 
- Work with and service of our Gods (both communal and personal) in polytheistic practice. 
- Patterns and cycles that lead to understanding and self-transformation.
- Music, rhythm, and movement in ritual and personal practice.
- Development of ourselves as competent and well-rounded witches and priests/priestesses including a development of personal practice in daily life.

Our tradition has a three-degree initiatory system as well as tradition-specific practices and mysteries. Much of our practice is similar to common Wiccan practice where we work in a ritual circle, celebrate the Esbats and Sabbats, and so on. 

We gather for ritual, discussion, music and other creative arts, crafts, and for good food and drink. Our ritual work is often reflective and introspective (divination, guided meditation, and interaction with deity are common) but we also do magical work together at times. 

We value ongoing connections and relationships, mature commitment to religious practice, clear communication, and a willingness to learn new things. We have an ethic of intentional simplicity and at looking at how we do things as well as why.

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