Cornucopia Collective

Tradition: Post-Modern Pluralistic Paganism

Location: Peabody/Cambridge

Key Contact: Shelley




The Cornucopia Collective is both a dedicated coven and the extended inclusive community of Boston area Pagans, Wiccans, and Witches whom we serve. Our community ethos is one of respect, acceptance, and appreciation for diversity with warmth and sincerity.


All are welcome to gather with us in the spirit of fellowship and magic to honor the ancient gods, support each other, and work to fill the greater needs of the Boston Pagan community. 


Our symbol, the Cornucopia or Horn of Plenty, has long been associated with the Earth, Her seasons, and with a plethora of Goddesses and Gods from across pantheons. It represents abundance, nurturing, sustenance, and is often depicted overflowing with fruits, grains, flowers and nuts. Our Cornucopia overflows with the fruits of diversity, social awareness, spiritual expansion, community service, ritual joy, fellowship, healing and growth for each other and the magical community.


All of our events, rituals, classes, and gatherings listed are open to the general public. Check out our listings for our Full Moon, New Moon, and Sabbat rituals, classes, and other learning opportunities. For those interested in pursuing a serious path of service and dedication within the coven mentorship is available.

THE CORNUCOPIA COMMUNITY IS WAITING FOR YOU: Anyone who identifies under the Pagan umbrella is welcome to attend any of our public rituals, classes, groups, and events regardless of learning or experience level. Newcomers are always welcome! There is no prerequisite for attending any of our public rituals, classes, or events. You are welcome!

For those interested in Coven membership, dedication is a long and selective process which starts with attendance and completion of our Wicca 101 course series and other public events. Initiation, magical training, and leadership development is offered by mutual agreement to those who have shown a deep dedication to serving the Gods and the Cornucopia community. Our Cornucopia overflows with the belief that creating a strong and healthy inner circle will create a strong and healthy outer community.  


The mission of the Cornucopia Coven is dedicated to the development and innovation of the Pagan religious faith and those who preside over it. Founded on the core values of constancy, stability, integrity and wisdom, our coven members are dedicated Pagan clergy, leaders, educators, and mentors. They are devoted to service, teaching, supporting, and creating community.

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