Covens & Circles

Covens and magical circles are closed networks of individuals who gather regularly for worship, magic, and education.

Boston Pagan Central does not endorse any one tradition or coven and cannot guarantee that all groups listed are currently open to new members.
If you are interested in learning more about a particular coven, circle, or tradition please contact the group you are interested in directly through the message box provided.  
If you are new to Pagan spirituality and are interested in learning more, we recommend learning and gaining exposure to the diversity of Paganism within open community events prior to contacting a specific group for membership. Visit Pagan FAQ for more information on Paganism, starting a personal practice, ritual expectations, and nuances of solitary and group practices. 

Cornucopia Collective

Tradition: Post-Modern Wicca & Pluralistic Paganism


Contact: Shelley

Location: Peabody, MA


Cornucopia_Logo_Final (2)_edited.jpg

Phoenix Song

Tradition: Initiatory Witchcraft


Contact: Jenett

Location: Arlington, MA


phoenix song.webp

Silverwood Coven and Grove

Tradition: Traditional Wicca

Location: Lynn, MA


Contact: Taliesin


pentacle place holder.png