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We are your community resource guide for all things Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft, Polytheist, Panentheist, Heathen, Druid, Goddess, Orisha, Shamanic, and... all that is Magical in Boston, Massachusetts!

Our goal is to join together to increase visibility and networking among Boston area Pagans, Organizations, Covens, and Individuals. In doing so, we strive to create a thriving local community where all those under the Pagan umbrella can connect, share, and come together for fellowship, worship, and good will.

Image by Steven Weeks
Image by Steven Weeks
Community Matters!

Community is more than just people coming together for a common reason.  


People who have community are happier, healthier, and feel more optimistic about life.

We're here to help you find your community!

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Do you have a Pagan oriented business or service?


Do you offer open rituals, or run a closed coven or magical circle?


Do you teach classes, have coffee talks or social event geared towards the magical community?


Let everyone know about it!


Being Pagan in Boston is expensive!  

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Research Dissertation Recruitment Call

Seeking self-identified transgender, gender nonconforming, nonbinary, and/or queer individuals who are 18+ years and have regularly used either all-gender public restrooms, LGBTQ+ community centers, or have participated in self-identified queer sex parties.


Each one-on-one interview will be conducted online via a secured Zoom session and is expected to last approximately 45 minutes, during which time I will invite you to share your thoughts on your gender and sexual identities and experiences of utilizing any of the aforementioned spaces.


All interviewees are asked to read through and sign the study’s Informed Consent Form and are accorded strict anonymity. There is no monetary compensation for participating in this study. 

This research has been granted ethical approval by the Institutional Review Board of Stony Brook University. 

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